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Mr Zulfiqar P. Salim holds a Masters degree in English Language & Literature from the University of Punjab and a Diploma in Teaching of English as a Foreign Language from the United Kingdom. He started his career in 1978 as a lecturer at Bahauddin Zakariya University teaching Masters classes at the Department of English Language and Literature. In 1980, he joined Manarat Al Riyadh International Schools, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where he taught English to a variety of age groups. In addition to teaching at Manarat, he taught English as a Foreign Language (EFL) at the British Council, Riyadh, for a period of 15 years. He is also a University of Cambridge IGCSE First and Second Language English Coursework Assessor.
During his teaching and administrative career of 35+ years, he has worked in the British and the American curriculum systems in various capacities, ranging from instructor to Department Head, School Coordinator, Vice-Principal, Principal, and Academic Coordinator of the Manarat chain of international schools in Saudi Arabia.
Recently, he has moved to the relatively new field of Academic Auditing and is employed as Internal Auditor at King Faisal School, which is an elite International Baccalaureate (IB) school in Riyadh. He has been trained at the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors, Ireland, and is one of its affiliate members.
Mr Zulfiqar Salim is also a member of the Arizona-based American organization AdvancED, which is the largest community of education professionals in the world that conduct rigorous, on-site external reviews of schools and school systems to ensure that all accredited schools impart an international-level education. He has served on External Review teams in Pakistan and abroad.
In addition to conducting a number of Professional Development workshops for teachers and school administrators over the past many years, Mr Zulfiqar Salim has himself attended a number of educational seminars, Leadership trainings, and workshops in Ireland, the UK, Greece, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.
Mr. Zulfiqar cherishes a strong ambition to promote quality education in Pakistan.The inspiration behind establishing Fairfield High School was the fact that the few schools in the country that provide good education cater only for the privileged class who can afford to send their children to these extremely expensive schools. The children belonging to other classes are deprived of quality education, in spite of the fact that they have the same right as these fortunate children. Bearing this in mind, Mr. Zulfiqar and the Fairfield team have taken it upon themselves to provide decent education to all without imposing a heavy financial burden on parents.