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I am the obliged ‘First Student’ of Fairfield High School, enrolled on 22nd of August 1998. My childhood pictures remind me of two other children standing beside me on the very first day of this school. I studied under careful eyes and compassionate hearts of my teachers and school administrators from Lower Kindergarten through Grade 8, before moving to another school for doing GCE O’ & A’ levels. I did not face any difficulty in pursuing the Cambridge studies—rather, I did my O’ Level with four A* and four As and got a 100% scholarship for the A’ Level studies. Later, I managed to secure admission in a medical college to become a doctor—which was my childhood dream.

I shall always remain indebted to Fairfield for imparting a good quality education to me. The school curriculum ensured that the required thinking and creative skills are developed in the students. I feel myself at an advantage over my class-fellows in the medical college in having a better grasp over new concepts, and understanding of the subject as a whole. I wish that Fairfield may prosper in future so that more and more students benefit from it.


Being a Cadet at Army Medical College makes me feel proud, and privileged to tell you that I am a graduate of Fairfield High School. I joined this prestigious institution on 8th March 1999, with Roll No. 57. I owe my success to my teachers in this school. It surely provided me a strong base of knowledge that helped me in achieving my aim. It had such ordinary-looking teachers with high qualifications and great skills that made an ordinary boy like me become an outstanding student. Not only in studies, but I am also thankful to the sports opportunities at Fairfield for making me a good sportsman. It, surely, was a memorable experience. I still cherish those lovely memories at school. Thank you, Fairfield !


I wasn’t a bright child when I joined Fairfield High School. Fairfield provided me the podium where I could grow into a person I am today. Everything I have achieved so far, I owe it to this marvelous institution. Here, I met the very best teachers that any institution could offer to its students. The school curriculum was top-notch. One of the best things about this school is that it focuses not only on the studies but also on physical extra-curricular activities. Moreover, the school code instills honesty, loyalty, confidence and professionalism in its students while nurturing them into responsible citizens. My school studies ensured my way to a top-ranking engineering university with a scholarship. As I said before, whatever I am today, I owe it to Fairfield. 


I studied at Fairfield from 1999 to 2004. I feel myself lucky in having got my primary education from this school. Early years are the most important years in a person’s educational history. This is the period when you build a firm base and establish a proper understanding of all academic concepts and ideas. Teachers at Fairfield made sure that we explored concepts, sought knowledge and develop ourselves to the fullest. I remember getting appreciated during my studies, especially in Arts subject. The Art Competitions, held at that time, really boosted my confidence and helped me to pursue the subject even after I had left Fairfield. I am now an aspiring Architect—currently working on my thesis— at Beaconhouse National University.


It is vital for a seed of intellect, planted in the mind of an individual child, to not only be nurtured but also groomed accordingly. Such was the case during my time at Fairfield High School. While attaining my education in this school, I was able to grow not only intellectually but also in other spheres such as extra-curricular activities. Consequently, my strong academic base developed by this esteemed institution proved to be very significant to me when I appeared in GCE O’and A’ Level exams and achieved high scores. It was this nudge, significant as it is to me, by this institution that paved my academic way and made me capable of getting enrolled and studying in the prestigious Lahore University of Management Sciences—one of the best universities of Pakistan.


If I can think of any landmark development in my life, that helped me to standout, it certainly was studying at Fairfield High School. I can assure you that we imbibed great moral values and life skills in our school which, later, helped us face life in society confidently and work with other people comfortably.

We were groomed very well in our school which prepared our minds and attitudes to do, whatever we do, in the best possible manner. This training in doing things in the best possible manner helped us in the fields of life my friends and I have chosen.

I remember all of my teachers as they made a profound impression on me. But for a teacher to remember you, when they see new students day in and day out, is really surprising. I felt very much loved yesterday when my school Principal called my father and asked him that I should share my experience at this institution. It’s totally due to them that today I am studying at Allama Iqbal Medical College, which is one of the best medical colleges in the country.

God Bless all my teachers, and my school may flourish!


I started my studies at Fairfield High School in Grade 5. It was in 2004. It was a great experience. I did my Matriculation in 2013. I got 951 out of 1050 marks. Due to my good performance in Matriculation, I got 100% scholarship in the college. I did ICS with Physics. I secured 2nd position in F.Sc. (General Science) Examination, Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Lahore. I applied at the PUCIT Department for a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and found my name at top of the merit list. Yes, the credit goes to my college and school—but most of it goes to my school. Because two years of college life can only build up on what you have learned and cultivated in the previous ten years. Currently, I am doing BSCS at University of the Punjab, College of Information Technology, at full scholarship.


No doubt that college and university life help to build professional life of a student, but the character of a student is built during the school life. It was a great experience for me to be a part of Fairfield High School. I learned a lot there. The most important thing that I gained during my student life at Fairfield was confidence. One student from each class was given a chance to speak on a topic in assembly in front of the entire school. This really boosted my confidence in those years at school. The second thing that I like about this school is that teachers and the Principal developed a sense of competition in us by assigning different tasks. I was not a good student when I joined Fairfield but as the time passed, the competitive atmosphere of school compelled me to work hard. I was also awarded a certificate of Most Hardworking Student of Class that encouraged me to work harder.  And this was the turning point of my life, and the main reason behind what I am today.

Doing A’ Levels at Cronton Sixth Form College, UK

I started my school life at Fairfield High School and studied there from Playgroup to Grade 9. In all these years, I had the opportunity to acquire the skills that I do have today. And now I realize what an asset I had gathered in all those years. I moved to UK with my family and currently I am doing A’ Levels in Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Psychology from Cronton Sixth Form College which is ranked as the second best college. I did not have to do any English course in order to get admission in this prestigious college because Fairfield had provided me an excellent language foundation. The teachers and other people in school were like a family to me and they provided a very comfortable environment that one feels an urge to go to school. Studying in a Centre of Excellence like Fairfield, you simply feel thankful to the school as well as your parents for having put you in this school. I will always look forward to go back to Pakistan in order to thank my teachers who were the reason for my success and for helping me to be what I am today.


I joined Fairfield High School in 2004 as a Grade 5 student. Through its blend of creative and intensive curriculum, I believe Fairfield enabled me to recognize the true meaning of its motto “Learn to Excel”. School life is not mere acquisition of knowledge— rather, it is nourishing our inborn competencies and helping us build a sustainable and charismatic personality that can make us overcome real challenges of life. Through its qualified and dedicated faculty, ever-supporting class fellows and enriched campus life, it enabled me to compete and excel in all challenges of my life. All in all, I firmly believe, memories of school life can never be forgotten, and leaving Fairfield before graduating from this school is the biggest regret of my academic life—since it stopped the process of upbringing and nourishing my creativity.